kusama snapshot

Chain kusama
Block height 7953456
Block hash 0xa2ae9a9ccefa5838758064367f09d9d236ba3930628...
Creation date 2021-06-17T12:59:37UTC
Database format RocksDb - What is this?
Pruning mode Pruned - What is this?
Compression format 7z
Version used for snapshotting 0.9.2-f36bb8201-x86_64-linux-gnu
Download link kusama-7953456.RocksDb.7z
Checksum kusama-7953456.RocksDb.7z.sha256
Size 11.4G

Verify on Polkastats - Verify on Polkascan

How to use

Issue the following commands:

wget https://ksm-rocksdb.polkashots.io/kusama-7953456.RocksDb.7z
7z x kusama-7953456.RocksDb.7z -o~/.local/share/polkadot/chains/ksmcc3
rm -v kusama-7953456.RocksDb.7z

Or simply use the permalink:

wget https://ksm-rocksdb.polkashots.io/snapshot -O kusama.RocksDb.7z
7z x kusama.RocksDb.7z -o~/.local/share/polkadot/chains/ksmcc3
rm -v kusama.RocksDb.7z

Then run the kusama node:

polkadot --chain=kusama --database=RocksDb --unsafe-pruning --pruning=1000

More details

About polkashots.io.

Polkadot documentation.